Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It is totally not easy to loose somebody whom you love dearly, all your life. But as a Muslim, we have to accept and redha with all that is written. My dad, HAJI AYUB BIN KASMURI, passed away peacefully on the 24th December, 2008 at 9.00 am. He was 73 years old. I, on behalf of my dad, wish to apologise if he had done anything wrong to those who knew him in person and if there is anything that he is still owing to, please contact us, his children or otherwise, please make halaal.

You may have noticed that I am addressing my late dad as MY DAD. It will stay that way forever because to me, my dad lives in my heart forever, until the day I will answer God's call. He was such a nice, loving person and I am not saying this just because he is my dad but that's the truth. You will not only hear this from me, but from almost EVERYBODY who knows him. Oh how I miss you ABAH.....

I am thankful to ALLAH for giving me the chance to be close to my dad for a good one month before he decided to answer ALLAH's call infront of me, Kak Ana and her hubby. That morning, I woke up early and went to check on him. I saw his face was shiny. I was relieved knowing that he's okay as the day before he wasn't well. I prepared rice porridge for his breakfast. At 7.30 am, I woke him up and fed him. Then I gave him his medicine. At 8.50 am, he started to take a deep breath, opened his eyes wide which he hardly does, and that's when I realised that he is in his 'nazak' state. Taught him The Kalimah Syahadah. Called Kak Ana and her hubby and they came to assist my dad. So the three of us was with abah when he took his last breath. He went very peacefully and with ease........smiling.....

The process to get him to his eternal resting place went very smoothly. We had a lot of help not only from those who know us but from strangers as well. All was done before Asr prayers the very same day. Alhamdulillah.

I wish to thank EVERYONE who had helped us until my dad was laid to rest. Thank you to Kak Ana and hubby for staying with me and my dad during his last moments. Thanks to my hubby's cousin, Abang Man and wife, my neighbour, Ita and family and my cyber friend Zai and daughters for staying with me at the Masjid Al Falah where my dad is being bathed and kaffan. Thank you to Kak Liza who had announced the sad news in her fotopage and to all who had done the same. To those who sent me condolences smses, thank you so much for all your duaas... Amin amin ya rabbal alamin...And not forgetting all the condolences wishes left in my fotopage. Thank you thank you thank you. Your words had helped us a lot during our grief. May Allah blessed all of you.....

Al-Fatihah for my ABAH.....


yani said...

mama...salam takziah! yani baru jer baca fotopages mama and did not realized what had happened to you n your family. I am so sorry for your lost...tak dapat yani nak bayangkan perasaan mama sekarang. yani harap mama bersabar yea? Al-Fatihah...

mumsie said...

mama, takziah for your loss. I lost my dad 8 years ago and i still miss him! So, mama sabar ya...

BTW, thanks for dropping by at my "home"...i'm glad to have been made your acquaintance!

HuDhUd said...

Mama, takziah atas pemergian orang yang disayangi.. Bersama-sama lah kita berdoa agar arwah di tempatkan bersama-sama org mukmin dan soleh.. Amin

ros radzali said...

salam mamafami,

salam perkenalan..saya selalu juga baca fp mamafami tapi tak pernah comment. Tetapi bila baca kisah abah mamafami,sayu rasanya dan saya terpanggil utk beri comment. Saya faham perasan mama..kerana saya juga baru kehilangan abah kesayangan saya pada 25 dec 2008. Sehari selepas abah mama pergi. Abah saya kena kenser hati dan meninggal di hospital Ipoh. Semasa abah menghembuskan nafas terakhir, saya berada di sisi abah sambil mengajar abah mengucap. Mmg sedih..tetapi saya redha ketentuan Allah. Sama2lah kita menghadapi dugaan ini dgn tabah dan berdoa semoga abah mama dan abah saya ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yg beriman. Amin..

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